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Breaking Beijing came about thanks to the advice of Bill Bishop and plenty of negative experiences with the think tank community. As both a policy staffer and graduate student, I grew tired of reading the same bland think tank reports, where even when there was excellent research and analysis done, the policy recommendations were so watered down and bland that it made the entire paper worthless. So that’s what Breaking Beijing is (mostly) about: creating real, tangible policy recommendations and discussions that are otherwise absent in the US-China policy and national security. In other words, it’s the blueprint for how we win. Breaking Beijing posts about 2-4 times a month, and please subscribe!

About the Author

Hi, I’m Tony Stark. I’ve been writing on China, national security, and technology for years, but only in 2022 did I decide to centralize my writings into Breaking Beijing. I’ve been an Army infantryman, policy staffer, and consultant, among other things. Oh, and I’m a science fiction writer, too. You can find my first (Prometheus award-nominated) novel, EX SUPRA, available for purchase here. I’ve got a few other projects in the works as well, to include a direct sequel: Project Duality.

Where to find me:

Interview w/ Jack Murphy about EX SUPRA and the future of war

Business email: breakingbeijing@substack.com

BlueSky: @tonystark.bsky.social

X/Twitter: @Iron_Man_Actual

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The Blueprint for How We Win


Tony Stark

NatSec. Tech. China. Architect of Awful Futures.